Privacy Policy

Under Zivaco News terms and conditions, it assures you to safeguard the interests and private information of each visitor. AS blogging is determined to maintain and look after the customer protection rules and the privacy policy ensures the complete safety of the information accessed.

What type of Personal Information do we collect?

Zivaco News undertakes all the precautionary measures for the safety of its audience, we tend to collect the information which is demanded to perform marketing objectives or the necessary information given to us through newsletters. Further information is collected for better consumer services, updating the software, or better communication process. To respond to the queries, we tend to obtain the necessary knowledge of the consumers.

In many of the circumstances, the information collected is that of your name, Email address, and contact number if possible. All this information is securely transmitted to the web’s database in encrypted form, and we assure you of information safety.

When don’t we collect Personal Information?

Zivaco News collects your personal information if you take any of the following actions:

  • Lodge any of query regarding anything on the website
  • Participate in surveys held on the website
  • Or when you share it with us through Email

In cases if your personal information is accessed through the site, it will be under the state rules, and the step taken will be under reasonable circumstances.

Use of Cookies

Zivaco News may use cookies from time to time. A cookie is a small piece of information that is saved to your machine’s browser or search engine by the particular web so that when you reopen the site’s URL, the specific information could be retained once again. One thing we ensure is, we don’t collect personal data through cookies, but if cookies by D4 websites are blocked, some features of Zivaco News may stop working or get disrupted.

Google and all third-party vendors how up their ads on the website.

These third-party vendors will utilize cookies to show their ads on a visitor inclination basis.

The visitors can block cookies by using the Google advertising page and choosing the opt-out page option.

Zivaco News undertakes all the precautionary steps to ensure that all the information collected is accurate, up to date, following your data, and secured safely in our database.

When your personal information is no more in use of the website, we ensure to destroy it safely while in being the reasonable steps and state rules.

How will your Personal Information be used?

The personal information of each visitor will be used for completing the following purposes:

  • Marketing of the website content
  • Answering to the related queries
  • Answering to your Emails
  • Fulfilling the legal requirements of the website

Zivaco News considers your personal information as a confidential issue, and we ensure to take care of the personal safety of each visitor. We will appreciate it if you hold the point that your personal information collected is wrong. If you have any queries regarding the policy of the website, contact us at

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