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Zivaco NewsMay 31, 2023

Plastic are a collection of ingredients, either synthetic or naturally occurring. That shaped when soft and then hardened to keep the shape. Plastic is a polymer substance made of many repeating units. Chemically composition of plastic that causes pollution on earth Plastic materials composed of various elements. carbon hydrogen oxygen nitrogen chlorine and sulfur It bases […]

Zivaco NewsMay 31, 2023

The breaks from works are wonderful for those instinctive with a sweet tooth, and Santa’s been exploiting on Christmas cookie season for periods. According to history, Americans accepted the cookies-and-milk Christmas custom in the Great’s midst Hopelessness in the 1930s. Parents supposed this practice would show children how to be grateful and truly appreciate their […]

Zivaco NewsMay 31, 2023

What is Graphic Designing? “Designing is the process of visualizing the communication between people and problem solving through the utilization of Photography and illustration”. Designing means to construct a message and how to present it through image and concept. The concept is very important in Graphic Designing. If you have a strong concept for your […]

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