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A well-known stylish articulation, normally known as fashion is something; we as a whole are keen for in one way or in the other. Covering of the body is the crude need of each person and when it’s ornamented in a tasteful manner transforms out into styles and fashion. This inclination of being stylish has offered ascend to the competition in leading brands of the world. According to the top e-commerce index Lyst which sells more than 12000 brands to fashion enthusiasts pointed out the top fashion brands that ruled the world in 2019 with their thrilling products. In below we will discuss these top brands as well as try to deduce why they are ruling the fashion world.

10 Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent SAS is a French luxury fashion company that is on the 10th number of the ranking list. In 2015 the company brought life to its haute couture collection. The opening of a new concept store in Paris has raised the sales of the brand to 17.5% making Saint Laurent one of the leading fashion brands of the world.

9 Nike

Nike, the world-famous company is a multinational incorporation that deals in design, development, manufacturing, sales, and marketing of footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories, and services. Nike is a powerhouse that is leading all Niches of marketing worldwide. It is a fashion tycoon that has established its space in the top 10 fashion brands for years. Nike’s teaming with Netflix for the show “Stranger Things” has boosted its sales.

8 Stone Islands

Stone Islands is an Italian outerwear company whose mission is to focus on “the research and technology applied to material” and thus introduces innovative fabric, design, and material to the fashion industry. The men’s high-end apparel brand from Ravarino has sustained its position in the top 10 with its innovative and luxury fashion items.

7 Fendi

Fendi’s latest launched capsules collection one with British graffiti artist Pref and second with Luca Guadagnino, director of “Call Me By Your Name” has given a boost to its fame and business. Fendi is an applauded fashion brand famous for its fur ready to wear, leather goods, shoes, fragrances, timepieces, and accessories.  The quality and luxury of the brand has placed it in the top 10’s list.

6 Versace

Donatella Versace a strong nominee for Lifetime Achievement Award at the World fashion Awards has emerged as a strong representative of class and luxury between leading fashion brands. The company claimed to double its sales and quite convincingly has achieved its goals by putting themselves in the list of top fashion brands of 2019.

5 Prada

After facing a great setback on its sustainability by banning its fur clothes, Prada has played magic by its revival. It not only sustained its status but also acquired a position in the top emerging brands of the year. Prada is basically an Italian fashion house that is featured for its leather accessories, handbags, travel accessories, shoes, ready to wear perfumes and lots of other fashion items. The products by Prada offer modern energy, style and personalized service that makes it a favorite of its millions of followers.

4 Valentino

Valentino is considered as a hallmark for blending luxury and streetwear and this unique combination strategy has made it one of the top and leading brands of the world ranking it on the 4th place of the category. It is basically an Italian clothing company that deals in luxury items giving a touch of streetwear thus producing comfort and ease simultaneously. Joan Collins in her Christmas campaign remarks:

I suppose, I just gravitate towards whatever

catches my fancy, it’s electric.”

3 Balenciaga

Balenciaga S.A fashion house is an initiative by a multinational French company that is considered as “a couturier of uncompromising standards”. This brand widely known as “Master of us all” (Christian Dior) held the 3rd place in the list of top trending fashion brands. Balenciaga is considered as pioneers of cocoon coats, balloon skirt, and high-low hem; retained the title of fastest-growing brand in leather and couture categories.

  • Off-White—

Off-white c/o Virgil Abloh is a luxury fashion brand that commenced 2nd place in the list of top leading fashion brands of the second quarter of the year. Company was incorporated in Milan, Italy in 2012 and is dealing through 49 independent stores including Barneys, Selfridges, Harrods and Le Bon Marche.

This Milan based fashion brand has 5.4 million Instagram followers. The greatest distinction of off-white is they propose each product with a quotation as a black dress quoted “Little Black Dress”. A scarf Quoted as “Scarf”. For off-white:

“Everything in quotes”, as in,

“Everything is ironic and also the

Recognizable design element on the

Cloth is chunky

Quotation marks”.

1 Gucci

The top brand that is winning the hearts of a great many its purchasers at each level is Gucci. It has demonstrated itself to be the style powerhouse by enchanting the consideration of various millennial and youngster shop customers who rate it as their preferred image. This Italian extravagance brand is the most noteworthy selling brand as 48.7% hop in-store deals were accounted for in the second quarter of the year; that spot it on top in Q1 setting it on fifth situation in two years.

This driving brand manages 90’s style and is promoted with an advertisement crusade in Harry Style. The report refers to that Gucci’s guilty pleasure is the method for promoting; they focused on social perspectives. Their advertisement crusades have an infiltrating Harry Style that lets individuals make the most of their exemplary period. Its moving intrigue instigates the customers to purchase their items regardless of how expensive they are.

These are the top leading brands of the world who have retained their place in the list by maintaining their standard and providing luxury to their consumers.

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