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Trend is defined as an instinct in which most of the people follow the same pattern. In fashion, something gets into a trend when the majority of people start to adopt or acquire the same pattern introduced to them. 2019 in this context was a year of combinations where an amalgamation of the classic was seen in a trend with new and innovative designs. While ramp bestows what is going to come, streets show what’s in trend. The year gave a vent to the comeback of tiny accessories, bike shorts, and slim dresses gave a rhetoric look of the 1990s that was modernized by the superstars of time who amalgamated these classics in their trendy ways making them a unique trend for the world.

Here, we have shortlisted the top 10 fashion trends of 2019 to make your wardrobe up to date and give you aware of the world fashion trends.

Bike shorts with Blazers

A fairly recent fashion trend Athleisure is a tendency of wearing comfortable, casual clothing that can be easily worn both for exercise and casual day wear. Athleisure includes denim jackets, hoodies, leggings, sneakers and cotton caps. The latest offering of this trend was quite unexpected as it is stylish to while being comfortable. It was seen this year that most of the show savvy’s wore bike shorts with blazers that gave a splendid as well as comfortable look. Though it may look inappropriate to wear it for the gym or office, it’s a perfect outfit to try while going to a Sunday party or club. So, don’t hesitate in trying this catchy outfit.

Animal Instincts

A primitive combination was seen this year by the street stars that let their instinctive emotion come out by wearing bold wild prints. Though it looks quite blunt yet the style was comfy. Among these animal prints, the loudest was leopard print that was seen in several colors and on all outfit types, taking from jeans to pants, coats, blazers, dresses, and suits. This style is trendy more in females as it gives a sober as well as a primitive look. You can opt for a leopard fabric design for a whole dress or try a dull sharp contrast of shades that will give a playful look to your whole attire.

Boiler Suits

Boiler suits with Utilitarian designs rocked this season. Though ordinary looking, these suits are designed as one piece; yet they acquired the attention of many street stars and turned out to be a favorite outfit that set to be in trend. The choice of style isn’t limited as these boiler suits are available in a variety of designs and in all shades. You can select the best color that suits you to enhance the charm and grace of your personality.

Lavender Tones

A light purple shade was opted by the designers to prove that ultra-violet isn’t just a Pantone color of the year. The light tones selected from the lavender family proved this year that purple is a stylish and elegant color too. No matter this color was worn in which form; starting from shoes, handbags and head to toe dresses, this shade proved to be highly elegant and feminine, making the fashionistas to be something more than charming. For sure, the subtle and smooth shades of this lavender family will add value to your wardrobe.

Puff Shoulders

Again meeting the Renaissance, the street stoppers were tended to get new attire while mingling in their past styles. The 80s Puff Shoulders gave their longings a vent as they were combined both with dress suits and blouses. Simultaneously striking and stylish, this style can add to your charm. If you are seeking a powerful and bespeaking fashion trend, this classy look could be your destination, overwhelming you above all.


Neo-Gothic style is something quite perfect for those fashionistas who are ready to embrace their inner dark side. This trend accompanies a tendency to wear black overall. The street stars, this year looked to be wearing black with a black-red lipstick giving catchy as well as sexy attire. To follow this trend, you can choose any dress style in black with a dark red lipstick that will, for sure, give you a catchy look.

Colored Tartan

The streets of London, New York, Paris and Milan were crowded with Tartan that was hands in hands with Leopard style. Though the design was ancient, it wasn’t worn subtly but was embarked with contrasting shades and colors that gave it a bold look. This Tartan design is in trend on pants, jackets, blazers and shirts that feature classic with bold colors like red, green, blue orange and yellow.

Bucket Hats

The 90’s rock star is back. Yes, we are talking about Iconic Bucket hats, which were a must-have dress item for street stars. This 90’s classic accessory was seen everywhere in the street of New York, Milan and Paris, giving its wearers a classy and catchy look. These cool hats are perfect assembling for your dress on the weekend providing you protection from the sun and adding charm to their personality. These hats are available in all designs and patterns with plain, patterns and featured with logo styles and will be a valuable addition to your wardrobe.


Patchwork is one of the latest fashion trends that the designers are admiring in 2019. Leaving the grandma’s craft behind, it has acquired the status of fashion hallmark. Inside the fashion houses and outside the streets, patchworks spotted on dresses, jumpsuits, pants and more. It looks trendy and creative as it is sewn by assembling multi-colored fabric patches with blunt and light shades.

Shrunken Bags

The handbags are no exception to the fashion trends and this year the most noteworthy aspect of the trendy bags was its size. It’s no bigger than to accommodate a cell phone and lipstick if you are lucky enough. If you are a fashionist who considers style over function this miniature version of handbag could be the best choice for you.

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