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Sometimes, it becomes difficult to stay motivated on a daily basis. And although scientifically it is impossible to always remain happy, being unmotivated can take us away from important opportunities for this you need to read motivational blogs.

For example, the fear of speaking in public will cause you to simply sing karaoke in a restaurant or learn a new language, which could open many doors.

When you know how much you are worth, you are aware of your own abilities, you feel safer and more capable of taking risks, of saying “yes” to the good of life.

If you need that extra push so you remember how far you can go, check out these best motivational blogs. They are super easy to understand and show a fresh perspective:

  1. Positivity Blog:

If you want a tool that drives you to achieve your deepest dreams, travels the world, launches that personal venture, or apply for a job abroad, so you need a motivational blog about life and this motivational blog is ideal. It is about how to face the fear of failure, uncertainty, how to reduce stress levels and seek happiness in the simple things in life.

  1. Addicted to Success:

It literally means “addicted to success and it provides the motivational blog topics.” This blog is aimed at entrepreneurs; it is easy to read and it will surely tear you out more than a smile. In addition, it has productivity tips, famous quotes, and lifestyle information. It also includes podcasts in English that you can listen to daily.

  1. Pick The Brain:

With the motto “grow yourself “, this page is a direct invitation to “cultivate” and improve “. In this motivational blogs the posts are written by people from all over the world: mostly English, North Americans, and Canadians, so there are many different topics. Among its sections are motivation, health, productivity, and personal improvement.

  1. Live Bold and Bloom:

Barrie Davenport, the creator of this blog seeks to inspire people to live courageously and pursue their goals. His texts in English are funny, risky, very motivating and also provide everyday power. If you feel that fear prevents you from achieving some personal goal, you have to read it, it will make you move away from the comfort zone and discover what you are passionate about.

  1. Think Simple Now:

Your posts type lists are so interesting that you will read them super-fast. It is written in everyday English (nothing complex or academic) and brings inspirational blog posts, biographies of famous people and self-help tips. You can join their weekly newsletter, with which you will receive the most read and commented publications of that period.

  1. Shout Me Loud:

The owner of ShoutMeLoud is from Delhi India, and the founder of this motivational blog is Harsh Agarwal. The main purpose of his blog is to motivate you about making money online and always finding new ideas to make money online.

This motivational blog was started in 2018 basically he writes about SEO, Blogging, WordPress, and about making money online. This motivational blog is the part of the movement to rescue every human from its 9 to 5 job.

  1. Motivational Memo

The founder of this motivational blog is Peter G. James Sinclair. It is the only motivational blog backed up by too many years’ experience in writing about motivation and business.

The main categories of this motivational blog are leadership, wealth, wisdom, and real-life blogs. If you are in the search of motivation in these categories then this motivational blog is the best option for you.

  1. James Clear

James clear is the citizen of North Carolina and he writes for motivational blog. Basically he shares different ideas about how you can improve your health, ideas about increasing creativity, blogs about lifestyle, and motivates you about other things also.

His motivational blog is famous and covered by the different media outlets including Forbes, Time and many more. If we talk about the monthly visitor of his motivational blog then the number is 700,000 and the subscribers of his popular email newsletter are 350,000.

  1. Tiny Buddha

Tiny Buddha is a famous motivational blog. Basically this motivational blog is about living a best, happy, confident and peaceful life. This motivational blog was developed by the Lori Deschene.

The site always promises to the visitors to provide the best ideas of living a relaxed life. It features daily new updated blogs, motivational quotes. If we talk about the owner of this motivational blog then he published the first book in 2019 about life’s hard questions.

But later in 2014 he also introduced the first IOS app named Love by Tiny Buddha on the iTunes store. If you are in the search of motivation for your hard life, then this is the best motivational blog for you and your life.

  1. Next Big What

This motivational blog was started in 2009 with the aim of motivating youngsters in the field of entrepreneurship. The founder of next big what motivational blog was Ashish Sinha, IIM Bangalore graduate, and IIT Roorkee.

Basically this blog is the best place to learn about new start-ups and lessons of entrepreneurship. After all this, it also provides you information about the country issues.

  1. Deep existence

This motivational blog founded by Stephen Guise. Basically this blog motivates those people who do not believe himself and also in the theory of motivation.

All the articles published in this motivational blog are 88% logical and 12% inspirational. The writer of this motivational blog also wrote a book for those people who struggle with self-confidence and the name of this book was Mini Habits.

  1. Motivation Grid

Cris Nikolov is the founder of the Motivation Grid blog. It is one of the best motivational blogs and shares images, quotes, videos, articles related to productivity and happiness.

This motivational blog is specially designed for youngsters. If we talk about the visitors of this motivational blog, half a million visitors come to this blog every month. If you are a younger person then this blog is best for you.

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