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The inner struggle is that emotional wear and tear which you can experience when you debate between two different options concerning a personal decision.

This type of inner struggle is especially frequent in love, for example, when you know that someone does not suit you; however, you are in love and feel that you cannot give up that story. It happens more than it should, right?

Examples of inner struggles

The inner struggles in life are also that resistance that arises habitually. For example in a diet process, when beyond knowing how convenient to follow the nutritionist’s instructions, you are tempted to eat more sweets.

In essence, the inner struggle shows the complexity of the nature of the human being. Being rich in nuances that can experience an inner duality, as a result of that opposition occurs between mind and heart. Is it true that on many occasions the motives to the heart to make a decision are different from those of reason? However, it is advisable to make choices in which you keep in mind that both planes are united since there is no one without the other.

This inner struggle … Does it cause you great discomfort and emotional tension? It is logical since living with doubt prevents you from moving forward. However, the first step to getting out of this situation is to accept the naturalness of the doubt.

That is, it is recommended that you try to analyze what is hidden behind this duality. How can you do it? One way that will give very good results is to enhance the reflection and introspection of connecting with spaces of silence that offer you an inner reflection.

Letting everything that flows in those moments, moves without judging yourself and being very kind to you.

Your Inner Child is claiming you

Sometimes, the inner struggle is especially complex because you blame yourself for a fact of your past that you regret. In that case, the struggle shows the constant opposition between yesterday and today.

One way to heal this discomfort is to perform a visualization exercise to hug that inner child who is injured and vulnerable by this chronic complaint. Internal work with your Inner child will help you deeply to stop being in constant opposition.

That is, the inner struggle can be a symptom of a need for love and acceptance of the girl you went for. Acceptance is only achieved from self-knowledge and self-forgiveness. Are you willing to travel the road? The answer is only you.

Inner struggles can also increase when it is a pain that you keep secret, something that you have repressed and that you need to express.

Permit yourself to express it! You can share it with someone you trust or do therapy, in the context of professional secrecy.

Online therapy here works very well to unblock when you are in that puzzle of contradictory emotions and need an external vision that helps you expand your horizons. And it must be from privacy, from a place where you feel comfortable to express yourself and be yourself.

Writing a diary, recounting emotions, feelings, and everyday situations is also an effective formula to gain greater self-knowledge from an emotional perspective.

Why is writing so constructive, because it is an effective remedy to put ideas in order. When you order your ideas you also manage your feelings better.

There are therapeutic spaces to connect with your strength for example; the natural environment allows you to feed the mind and heart with pleasant sensations. The greatest example of inner struggle is the opposition between fear and courage that you experience when you fight for a particular dream.

At the same time, a thought arises that acts as a form of boycott of that hope and it is precisely in that boycott which contact with your essence, with your Inner Child, is necessary. You may postpone your own goals for a long time because you have lived through a stage of emotional tension and need to get out. How long are you going to wait?

In the field of personal relationships, for example, people generally live in a stage of internal struggles before breaking. That is the stage in which love is debated with indifference.

That is why it is very important to know how you interact and this can help you a lot of Transactional Analysis, which is one of the most powerful and effective therapies I know

How to Overcome the Inner Struggles

  1. It is important to accept the past, understand that no one can modify it yesterday. Getting the experience is learning, thanks to the lessons it brings. If the inner struggles are born to hurt a person, then the best way to resolve this discomfort is to ask for forgiveness.
  2. Sometimes emotional distress is complex because you feel overwhelmed by a rain of unpleasant emotions and feelings. In this case, it is essential to identify the cause of this discomfort, that is, to specify the reason that causes that pain. The exercise of writing down that inner conflict allows us to visualize and understand that reality more clearly.
  3. Another useful tip to end internal struggles is to mark a definitive date to decide in this regard. That is, it is positive that you give yourself some time to think about it and make a decision. However, once you have made your choice, you should look forward without constantly asking yourself what would have happened if you had taken the other path. It is impossible to make hypotheses of this type and to get the forecast right, for this reason, it is advisable to live connected to the present.
  4. How to silence those inner voices that arise in your inner dialogue? One way is through breath control. When a person concentrates on this aspect of his body, the relationship improves with yourself, but besides, he also experiences healthy emotions. An act as natural as breathing is essential to achieve mental harmony.
  5. Similarly, the inner struggles have such strength that they can trap the heart of the protagonist in a kind of obsession. For this reason, it is essential to look for anchors with which to disconnect from the charge of that negative energy. For example, you can sing the chorus of your favorite song, a cheerful song that gives you positive energy. Music is a pleasant escape that allows you to distract the mind from endless worries. You can also visualize the place that you like so much, where you feel so good and let yourself be carried away by the imagination; this will help you to stop being trapped in moments of inner struggle.
  6. On the other hand, it is very healthy not to repress that inner struggle, since repression can lead to emotional knots that remain cystic. It is different not to repress than to get caught in moments of obsession that do not take you anywhere. Outside those specific moments, it is better to accept that fight naturally, without putting up resistance. In this way, acceptance allows you to develop that inside information so you can make better decisions.

In the adventure of life, it is natural to live different emotional states. And one of them is to experience the inner struggles that are a reflection of your consciousness, in which you can reflect on yourself and the consequences of your actions as a human being. How else could you change course if what you do does not fill you, it does not make you happy?

Finally, now answer yourself. To what extent the inner struggle is affecting me in my life daily.

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