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What is Graphic Designing?

“Designing is the process of visualizing the communication between people and problem solving through the utilization of Photography and illustration”.

Designing means to construct a message and how to present it through image and concept.

The concept is very important in Graphic Designing. If you have a strong concept for your Product marketing to engage people but your graphics don’t convey your message so, you are unable to engage peoples for your product and maybe you will face some failure.

Today’s world is so creative; everyone is coming up with new technologies, new trends and new ways of designing. If you think that you just need one time learning to become a Professional Designer, You are wrong. Designing is one of those fields where learning cannot stop.

Here you are going to know about some designers who never give up and keep working and learning on designing and now they beat the world with their creative imaginations:

Manipulate By El No chi

The best Photoshop manipulation (award-winning) is manipulated by El Nochi. He is one of the best designers. In this image, he shows to Rabbi (A man cut his beard like grass with Manual Lawn Mower). Bread can grow very ghastly on some areas in man and women, but in men, it rarely grows on their face and would be cut after one week like grass should be cut every after one week.

So he put his conceptual idea in this image through his skills and gets awarded.

Manipulate By BildakRobat

BildalRobat is a talented Digital artist and Photographer, lived in Lemgo, Germany. He also says that he has acrobatic mind and ideas, so he creates surreal manipulation by using his skills.

In this image, he shows feet on street names as (THE SHOESTREET).

If you want to see his more Out from box work so, you see on his website here

Manipulate By Rafy A

Rafy A is a talented digital artist from Indonesia. Doing this type of manipulations is his hobby. He generates his existence to the world from YouTube. He created his YouTube channel on (Dec 11, 2014) and started making a tutorial for beginners. He has 6 types of skills in his magical hands:

  • Photo Manipulation
  • Art Photography
  • Blend & Retouch
  • Photo Effects
  • Color Effects
  • Vector Art

He makes his place in designing crowd and shows his fantastic skills to world and Now people admire his work. He has(500k) approximately subscribers and 34,577,900 views on his channel. After seeing his work we can call him (Manipulation Master on You Tube).

This Above picture title is a dramatic sunset photo manipulation”

You can see his work from here:

Manipulate By Benjamin Delacour

Benjamin Delacour is versatile digital artist and manipulator. She also featured in Digital Art and Photography. She live in Strasbourg, France having great skills.

She appear herself to world through

And if you want to see her artistic work like it, you can follow her on this page. Link below:

She also has a huge fan following on behance. People admire her work and follow her way of working and creative mind ideas.

The above picture title is “Digital Skin”

Her expertise and Featured Image is Digital skin Art.

Manipulate By MPROX

Mprox is also a Digital Artist having interest in manipulation from Slovenia. He also has an interest in Computers, drawing, designing, mountain Biking & hiking etc.

I am feeling amazed by watching this image named as (Eye Candy), wow what a beautiful manipulation of cherry In an eye. When I see this image I want to give a standing ovation to him, then I come to know about mprox who has a great fan following on deviant art. People also admiring his work.

You can know further about him from here:

Manipulate By Tariq Yosef

Tariq Yosef is Digital artist and graphic design artist who produce both personal and commissioned work from Amman, Jordan. He also has a great fan following on He is a pro in designing, manipulation having expert skills on AI, PS, AE, and PF.

He published this artwork since 2016, After that this image getting featured and people come to know about him.

And his remaining Featured work is below:

  • Advanced Photoshop Magazine
  • Advanced Photoshop Magazine Germany – on the cover
  • Type image Book

And This image named as (After 10 PM) Typography based manipulation.

You can see his rest work from here:

Manipulate By Adomas Jazduaskas

Adomas jazduaskas is an Digital Artist, and Creative Director from Vilnius, Lithuania. He also Featured in App Design, Advertising and Retouching. He was born in 88, now having 10+ years experience in design and communication field. He has worked for expensive brands like Adidas, Audi, Jeep etc type of clients.

He also has a great fan following on behance, 29k+ Followers. People appreciate his work; he got 13k+ appreciations on his work.

And this image named as: (Derrick Rose)

You can know further about him from here: and his website link is:

Manipulate By Wabloby

Wablody is a Fresh YouTube channel dedicated to the creation of manipulations using Photoshop and also  creation of illustrations from United States. He started his YouTube channel since 20 July, 2019. His channel growing so fast, he gets large numbers of views on videos, just in few months that he posted as a tutorial for designers. His Featured manipulation I show above.

And this image named as: (Pop Out Effect – Photoshop Manipulation)

You can see his further work from here:

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