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To be fit and have a good body it is not necessary to spend all your savings or spend hundreds of hours.

By spending some time each day on these men’s fitness workout, together with a balanced diet, men’s fitness is improved and you can also improve your physical condition and appearance and become the envy of the pool or beach.

In this article, we will tell you about men’s fitness tips. So read carefully all the exercises for the healthy body

  1. ABS

This is the basic exercise for men’s fitness and to say goodbye to the greatest fear of men. To tone the belly you have to monitor 3 areas of the abdomen: the upper, lower and lateral. Dedicating an exercise to each part will help improve the appearance of our entire abdominal area.

To start, the simplest is to perform the traditional abdominals that serve to tone the upper abdominal area.

Meanwhile, for the low there is nothing simpler than lying, lifting and lowering, repeatedly, one leg stretched. Finally, for the oblique, the ideal is to be placed in profile, with the arm resting on the floor and raise and lower the hips.

  1. Run

Running is the best exercise for men’s fitness health. Take your old shoes, a tracksuit and go for a walk. Do not be discouraged, at first tired and drowning, but little by little you will not only stop having a hard time and end up enjoying it.

The key to enjoying running is to gradually set goals and, above all, have continuity. First, consider walking around your home and then looking to increase the distance.

There will be time to buy better shoes and participate in popular races.

  1. Do weights

Better with little weight and more repetitions, you want to be fit, not be Hercules. Take two small empty plastic bottles and fill them with dirt. As you feel comfortable, increase the size. When you find the ideal weight for your needs, you can buy your own.

There are countless exercises according to the need of each one.

  1. Squats

With this men’s fitness exercise virtually all leg muscles are strengthened, it serves to tone the buttock and thus solve one of the great concerns of men and women also.

It is important, to prevent pain in the knees or back, to have a refined technique in which you should avoid having your ankles far apart (never further than the one between your shoulders) and have your back in a straight position.

  1. Bicycle

The other men’s fitness challenge is bicycling. If when reading the section on running you passed it for fear of injury, you have no excuse. Dust off the old bike you have in the storage room, leave it ready and get going.

Riding a bicycle is a very complete and much less aggressive activity than the continuous race, although it burns less fat.

Using the bicycle will not only have a means of transport but also your knees will appreciate it.

  1. Jump rope

It will be like going back to childhood. If you’re ashamed, remember that famous stars did too. It is an exercise in which you improve arms, trunk, and legs.

Besides, it is very good to improve your speed and reflexes, you don’t need men’s fitness trainer for this. This exercise can be used to lose weight or even as a warm-up before going for a run or playing another sport.

It is advisable to gradually increase the pace, especially to avoid muscle injuries.

  1. Swimming

According to Dr. Lee, swimming is “the perfect workout” because it requires the use of almost every muscle in the body.

Swimming regularly for at least 30-45 minutes involves aerobic training, which is related to increase heart rate to improve heart health. Swimming also protects the brain from age-related deterioration.

Also, swimming is a low impact workout. Swimming is the best exercise for every person because it is a very lightweight exercise. It can also reduce the risk of chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes or strokes

  1. Tai Chi

In the 13th-century Tai Chi was developed as a martial art in China. It is accessible to a wide variety of people, regardless of their age or fitness level, since each practitioner goes at their own pace.

Tai Chi is the best exercise for older people because when we get old we lose balance and this is an important component for our health and you don’t need any type of men’s fitness classes for Tai Chi

Research has shown that exercise will facilitate to people sixty five and older to cut back stress, improve posture, increase muscle strength in the legs and improve overall mobility.

  1. Strength training

This type of men’s fitness training involves the use of weight, which can be the body itself, weights or dumbbells, to create resistance against the attraction of gravity. It is also possible to use elastic bands or cuffs with ankle weights.

Experts point out that practicing this type of exercise is an excellent way to reduce body fat and increase muscle mass, as well as build strong bones and increase metabolism to help burn more calories.

  1. Pushups

With pushups, you strengthen the chest, back, and arms. They are ideal for men and women since the pectoralis one of the most important areas from an aesthetic point of view.

Depending on the need, one type or another of flexion can be sought. When the hands are close together they will be more demanding for the arms, while if they are more separated you will make the chest work more. You can look for more complexity by having your legs up on a chair.

  1. Kegel Exercises

Kegel men’s fitness exercises can help prevent or control urinary incontinence and other pelvic floor problems that are harmful to both men and women.

Many factors can weaken these muscles, including pregnancy, childbirth, surgery, aging and overweight.

The correct way Kegels does is to tighten the muscles that you would use to hold the urine, according to Harvard researchers, who also recommend maintaining the contraction for two or three seconds, releasing and repeating 10 times.

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