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Body care and good nutrition are results that are obtained from the effort and continuity of fitness goals and plans.

Although it is not possible to reach them overnight, the beginning of the year can be a time of great incentive to start setting fitness goals for 2020 and conquer the desired body, also improving health.

These are 14 fitness goals for men and women to have a healthier and more exercised life:

  1. Find a Sport that you Like

The first fitness goal for women and men is to select the favorite sport. The performance in physical activity can depend a lot on the enthusiasm of the athlete.

Running or going to the gym are not the only options available when it comes mainly to being on the move.

Swimming, spinning, group dancing, tennis, or any other sport is valid for physical effort and fitness.

  1. Running your First Race

Registering for a few km of races for the first time can be a decisive goal to adopt a committed training.

Additionally to helping to exercise the body, a marathon or competition, it allows you to learn more about the world of running or cycling and can be a fun goal at the same time.

You don’t need more than shoes, a bicycle or a desire to run. In addition, crossing a goal is something that must be done at least once in a lifetime.

  1. Improve Flexibility

Stretching different parts of the body is another fitness goal for beginners that can be performed even during the days without physical activity.

Flexibility helps improve performance and prevent injuries, so it is important to commit to elongation, at least a few days a week.

This objective requires a continuous process and without major efforts. It is possible to add elements such as strings to facilitate the reach of some parts.

  1. Invite Someone to Train

In addition to making training more fun and encouraging someone else to acquire a healthy attitude, socialization is very important for overall well-being.

Inviting someone to join training will help make physical exertion more pleasant and also improve the health of a friend or acquaintance.

  1. Make a Medical Check-up

It is always the best fitness goal for girls and boys to monitor the functioning of the body and the effects of sport.

In addition to approaching a professional to verify that all levels are correct, it is important to be aware of any atypical symptoms or conditions.

It is also advisable to avoid self-medication and stop training if you feel pain or discomfort.

  1. Drink More Water

To propose to incorporate more water during this year is a very smart fitness goals template if we take into account the health of our muscles and the whole body in general.

Ideally, drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water throughout the day. These 8-12 vessels in addition to hydrating the body will help reduce anxiety before meals.

  1. Drink Less Alcoholic Beverages

The nutritional contribution of alcoholic beverages is almost nil; they also provide a huge amount of unnecessary calories that can be avoided.

A good objective for this 2020 is to limit your consumption to special events or establish some “allowed” during the week. The body will thank you.

  1. Split the Dish

Being aware of the importance of variety in food is a good step to start eating better.

Although it is not necessary to become obsessed with the proportions, the method of dividing the dish is very useful for sizing the type of food ingested.

The dish must comprise 4 parts: one main consisting of vegetables, two others containing grains and proteins and one last with fruits.

  1. Allocating time to Exercise

Prefixing a moment to exercise helps very well, so do not replace it at the last moment.

It is advisable to do sports 5 days a week regulating the time according to resistance and personal needs.

In addition to helping to burn fat, physical activity prevents cardiovascular health problems, obesity or diabetes.

  1. Do not Skip any Food

At least 5 meals a day must be done correctly. Regardless of the time in which sports are practiced, breakfast, a mid-morning meal, lunch, snack, and dinner must be properly specified.

This allows you to lose weight but in a healthy and progressive way, without damaging our body or making sudden changes.

  1. Control Anxiety and Reduce Stress

This fitness goal will not only help you relax and concentrate better, but it is also important for health and performance.

Eating slowly and chewing well is a good way to start and ensure good nutrition and good physical performance.

Another way to start is to spend a few minutes a day to walk barefoot and take a deep breath.

  1. Enjoy Training

Performing a physical effort does not have to be overwhelming. The initial attitude is fundamental so that the activity lasts over time and we do not end up abandoning it.

If enclosed spaces are not ideal, dodging the gym is a good alternative, there are plenty of outdoor activities.

It is important that sport is not a burden but a moment of enjoyment, destined for personal health and general well-being.

  1. Leaving the Comfort Zone

To achieve all the fitness goals, it is necessary to leave the comfort zone and start making some changes and efforts in everyday life. For example, stopping using the elevator and changing it down the stairs is a good first step.

You can also go to work by bike or walk back from the supermarket. The important thing is to make small modifications that involve minimal but significant efforts in our health.

  1. Challenge Yourself

Each person knows himself. Given personal abilities and shortcomings, a good motivational method is to create a fitness goals calendar with personal challenges.

These 14 fitness goals can be accomplished or serve as a guide to create your own. The important thing is to set measurable and feasible fitness goals to be achieved.

Discipline, organization, and commitment will be decisive in the success of these objectives taking into account that it is a process and not immediate results. That is why staying inspired and confident is essential to be able to sustain them over time and overcome them.

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