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Fashion is the one major thing without which we cannot do away with your life. Being fashionable isn’t always expensive although the term fashion is now somewhat associated with brand and customization where you are hoped to spend lavishly to be a fashionista. But if like me, you are more interested in your looks than being a brand addicted, your looks could be improved by spending very little as well. No matter you wear a top of $5000 or $5, if it looks good on you and improves your attire, you have played your part, as fashion is your and mine right as well. In this article, I will try to pave your link with affordable fashion blogs and bloggers where you can satisfy your exciting nerves by getting new and innovative, as well as highly affordable fashion ideas according to the day to day trends.

It’s not bad to have your feed crowded with the recent throwbacks of the top brands. After all, they are the only source to be in touch with the latest top trends in the world. Being a student or an active worker like me, I love the shopping that never disrupts my budget and plans and for that sake, I took a deep swim into the internet to find out those blogs and bloggers who are in my range. I’m enlisting those here so that you may get the benefit of these within your budget.

  1. A broke girl’s blog!

A broke girl’s blog is dedicated to those fashionistas who are determined to have innovative and classic looks. This blog is created by Prue, who presents you with a variety of affordable fashion destinations. The author claims to have experiencing the same budget issues and then destined to blog for those like her. The broke girl blog represents the classic and innovative amalgamation that manifests the pure style at affordable prices.

  1. Penny Pincher Fashion

Penny Picher Blog is a part of affiliate networks from where the author picks and chooses the best affordable fashion products. This blog has an innovative product range in which you can buy each product for less than $100. A quite soothing breathe for New Yorkers as they are addicted to spending lavishly. Most of the products on the blog are more than reasonable though they are a bunch of fashion styles and quality. Penny pincher fashion gives a wide range of fashion products well suiting and matching your style and taste.

  1. Champagne Lifestyle

Champagne Lifestyle presents fashion on the budget of the beer. The author sales what she wears and that is more likely convincing to like for others what you like for yourself. This blog has the vibes to attract anyone as it presents a wide range of style and fashion trends ranging from top brands to the local street styles and each has a perfect elegant look that comes to you in your budget.

  1. The Work Place

An awesome blog; the Workplace blog presents a wide range and variety of formal dresses worn for the offices and other work-related spots. This Insta blog gives you a glimpse of what is called stylistic, classy and choosy simultaneously.  The blog focuses the rising women, who love their looks are ambitious and self-driven and have a tendency to be power-driven. The blog tends to help in choosing the best season wear while being in your budget.

  1. The Budget Babe

The most convincing and attracting blog for me. Thinking why attractive?? Have you ever felt a sudden vibe on seeing the dress of a celebrity and think you are going to die without getting that? The budget babe presents you the dresses of those designs, fabric, and tint in your budget and that’s the lovey thing. Diana Baros presents the fashion trends without heavy price tags, giving you a celebrity look in less. She has a variety of styles on her blog ranging from designer driven to simple mommy’s love casual looks and all will be suit you perfectly. Don’t forget to take a visit to the blog before leaving.

  1. What The Teacher Wears

Alex MacGregor comes with her fashion blog What the Teacher Wears. This blog is an artistic approach of a teacher who tries to look well and she has succeeded so awesomely which is beyond words. To my surprise, Alex has introduced a large variety, range, and limit of colors, designs and styles and all that is too budget-friendly to believe.

  1. The Darling Detail

This Austin based fashion blog is dedicated to highlighting everyday details of the fashion world. There is a deep impression of feminist fashion and style on the whole blog and the fashion products presented by darling details are as their name; classy, choosy and comfy.  This affordable style is meant to you and is solely designed for you, so don’t forget to have a look at the blog.

  1. She Does style

Are you shopaholic, looking for something to add value to your wardrobe? She Does Style presents you a wide range of products, which are inspired by a self-confessed fashionista Emily Suresh who spells a new and unique fashion sense at affordable prices. Have a visit to her blog and you will surely admit this.

  1. Broke and beautiful

Broke and beautiful is a startup who aims to deliver the classic and innovative styles of celebrities. They pick up the trend of ramp and street and manufacturing in their own house, sell at reasonable prices. If you are in search of a celebrity fashion style, do visit their blog and you will appreciate their efforts.

  1. Run style run

Run style run is a personal blog by Brandi Walker who presents deep insights into the day to day fashion and trend fashion tips and tricks. With 24.9k followers, Brandi is doing quite well with her fashion and creative aesthetic sense.

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