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We should know that any increase in the level of physical activity is already beneficial for health and fitness; doing some activity is better than doing nothing and the higher the level of it, the better levels of physical fitness we can achieve.
Currently, the main causes of death in the world correspond to cardiovascular diseases, which are directly related to the lack of behavioral changes in lifestyle (physical activity and eating habits)
In our country, the sedentary lifestyle predominates as well as poor diet due to inadequate caloric intake and improper food selection. Both are factors that can be controlled or modified by the individual himself.
At present there is no agreement about what determines obesity, according to research, there are numerous genetic and environmental factors that predispose to its development.
Among the environmental factors, we can highlight the lack of physical activity excused by, long work schedules, lack of emotional stimuli, and lack of financial means to attend gyms or recreation centers.
The insecurity that limits us from practicing some outdoor activity and technology that consumes our free time in front of the television or the computer.
If we add to these reasons or reasons the poor choice of food at the time of purchase, as well as the increase in the consumption of hyper caloric “junk” foods, rich in fats, sugars, and salt, the lack of time for the elaboration of our Meals, as well as the absence of fresh vegetables and fruits in the daily menu of most households, this allows to develop acclimate that will not in the favor of development of obesity.

What do we understand by physical activity?

Any bodily activity caused by a muscular contraction, the result of which involves energy expenditure, is considered physical activity or health and fitness activity.
According to the frequency and objective with which it is carried out, health and fitness activities can be classified as unstructured, structured or exercise and sport.
Unstructured physical activity includes activities of daily living such as walking, playing, cleaning, cooking, etc.

What benefits do I get with physical activity?

Better quality of life and prevention of chronic diseases.
That is, we achieve an improvement in all aspects of the physical condition and the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of diseases or risk factors.
That adds up and associates with one’s overweight and obesity, such as high cholesterol, dyslipidemia, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and some types of cancer.

Lower limitations on aging:

It is understood if we perform aerobic exercises for health and fitness such as walking, cycling, dancing or swimming, we will contribute to maintaining cardiovascular and respiratory activity appropriate for age.
We can work on the flexibility that will favor balance, coordination and the range of joint mobility. It reduces the risk of falls and injuries in elderly people.

Increased life expectancy:

By achieving an improvement in the quality of life, the average age that a person can live can rise.


It generates a feeling of well-being. To be reunited with oneself, generate relationships with third parties when doing the outdoor activity or in centers where moments can be shared.
Role of physical activity in obesity:
Obesity is currently one of the major public health and fitness problems; its prevalence in the world is on the rise.
Physical activity can be taken as a therapeutic resource in the treatment of obesity; however, for different reasons we have mentioned above, the person with obesity does not always achieve the minimum necessary to benefit their health.
In addition to these, people who are overweight or obese identify other reasons for not performing some type of physical activity, among them is the demotivation generated by not feeling comfortable with their body, with their image, which leads them to the self-exclusion generating isolation from the rest of society.

How does physical activity influence a person with obesity or overweight?

The objective of seeking weight loss is to achieve a healthy weight through the reduction of fat mass, which favors the improvement of the risk factors present and their associated complications.
We can find significant differences depending on how the physical activity for health and fitness is carried out if the activity is carried out regularly, systematically, and sporadically.
That is to say, the more times activity is carried out and the more durable it is, the greater the caloric expenditure and the more lasting in time. This is because the muscle mass is preserved or increases with the correct performance of the activity, otherwise this muscle mass can be compromised.
We can say that physical activity contributes to producing changes in eating habits more pleasantly; this is because it raises self-esteem and lowers the anxiety of the people who perform it. It generates a psychic and emotional improvement of people who practice it regularly (improves mood, body image) and this helps with the adherence to new eating habits.

Some important tips:

Regular health and fitness activity helps maintain a healthy body (150 minutes per week) whenever your doctor allows it.
It incorporates the activity, starting with small amounts and gradually increasing its duration, frequency and intensity.
Always stay as active as you can, it will allow you to maintain health and fitness.
Remember that exercise should always be accompanied by proper healthy eating and proper hydration.


In summary, we can say that it is up to us to stay active, as well as the associated risk factors, which are largely preventable.
For this, we must achieve the healthiest combination in terms of food selection and the performance of adequate periodic physical activity.
It is here that we have to think that the day has 24 hours and it is advisable to stay healthy 30 minutes a day, just a tiny part of the day. The time can be achieved if we propose it.
If we achieve favorable environments then we can result in the prevention of such diseases.

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