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The modern technology has rendered many relevant and useful services in the digital world, and they are no far from us due to the prevalent use of smartphones. We all are well versed in editing and retouching photos using different software and apps, which make the visual templates better than before. Although camera filters are insufficient to d photo manipulation, yet they serve the primary task. Approximately every picture on the internet is manipulated in one way or the other, which makes Manipulation as the most influential component of graphic design. Manipulation isn’t specific to picture editing, but the scope gets deep and full when we implement it to the more extensive department of Graphic designing.
The term image manipulation refers to the specific usage of photo editing tools through which you format and edit a photo to convey your message stressfully against what the picture itself is. This purpose is achieved through the usage of manipulation software like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Manipulation becomes an integral part of graphic design because it helps in blending and retouching of two or more contrastive images into one, making it a masterpiece of creative art.
In this article, we will discuss all the necessary and compulsory components which make Manipulation so important in Graphic Design.

Create Innovations

A great Graphic designer is the one who can meet all the requirements of a client. And Manipulation helps you in doing so. It is an art of blending images to create a masterpiece for yourself. Does your client need a picture with some far off island background?
No need to go to the specific island for a photo shoot. Manipulation will help you in blending the required images making a brand new image with the right background.
Thus Manipulation is a way to the proclamation of your creative self. You can showcase the world, how much innovation in your soul you possess, and who will help you? Of course, the great tool of manipulation Adobe Photoshop.

Perfect Branding Partner

Are you a busy graphic designer who helps the business holders in branding their products?
Yes, the 3D modeling is made for you. Through this manipulative tool, you can build and create the designs which aren’t even made. Although these 3D models are just designs, their real manifestation on your computer screen helps you in making them perfect art pieces when turned into reality.

Root Out Imperfections

Manipulation helps in rooting out the weak and dull points of any image captured. The relished fact is that all the pictures could never be best, and to make them perfect Manipulation is the best way. The graphic design tools help in editing the photographs and removing the subduing elements to make the contexts more stress full. Visual designing tools have made it possible to reuse and cure each image captured, no matter how ugly it looks.

Create Relativity

Consumers are usually attracted to the products or visuals they are familiar with. For example, we are more satisfied with buying an item for ourselves, which we have used before and are confident with than trying to a brand new item. The same is the case with branding, and this consumer psyche helps a lot in brand promotions as well.
The images we can relate to something in our own life remain long in our mind than the new one, which escapes moments after we see them. Manipulation helps in creating associated images that are familiar to the public and are following the customer psyche making the branding campaigns more pronounced and productive.
Here are some guidelines if you wish to manipulate a picture by yourself.

Image Size

Every image is of different size, which depends on the camera through which the image is captured. The format is the dimension of an image measured in pixels. The too-small picture cannot show all the details correctly, and the too-large will ruin your webpage. It will crash the page loading and will affect the website’s speed as well.

Image Resolution

The image resolution is dots in every inch of the image. These are measured as dots per inch DPI in technical words. The interface of the web can show up to 72 pixels or lower than it images. For printing, the pictures are recommended to be higher than 200 DPI and more economical than 300 DPI.

File Size

This is the measurement of the file size taken up by a picture when saved in hard drive. This file size is usually measured in kilobytes or megabytes. Ideally, these three things are looked after when you manipulate an image, but nowadays, the software is smart enough to ensure everything of your interest. The updated versions examine image properties by themselves and notify whether the model can manipulate or you have to do the resizing of file and format before you start to manage.

The software you can use to make your image Perfect

With the basic understanding of the graphic design and Manipulation, you can use to edit and manipulate your image to create masterpieces of arts. A little briefing about any of these apps can enable you to play with your creativity.

Adobe Photoshop

The renowned and widely used Graphic design tool is Adobe Photoshop, which has unlimited features and peculiarities. Although it’s somewhat intricate in use, once learned well, Photoshop can change your lives in real terms. It was developed with several extensions, and the essential manipulative task it performs is the resizing and retouching of the image style and size.


GNU Image Manipulation Program GIMP is a manipulative software which functions and features as Photoshop does. Although it is free software that comes with reasonable features, yet it is not a complete package like that of Photoshop. This software is best to use for file conversion and size changes.


Pixel is a brand new software which although isn’t free yet its function on several systems and is quite easy to handle, thus getting by leaps and bounds graphic world.
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