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Graphic design is a department widely known for its highly paid packages. The truth is undeniable that designers are the people who are credited well if the talent and creativity get on its premium in them. The top freelance marketplaces like Fever has been ranking the designers at the top since 2008. The exciting scenario of the continuous struggles in the establishment of the profile on these platforms figures out that the niche of Graphic Design has been at the top with some less or massive changes if seen from the client’s requirements.

The creation and modeling of custom templates and designing webpages makes a designer’s role more integral in each digital media task. The experienced graphic designers know how to turn and mold the models creatively according to the client’s need that makes them a hot cake for the clients. The Bureau of Labor Statistics claim that an average graphic designer earns $22.07/hour or $45,900 annually, which makes a healthy living as compared to most of the posts available in or outside house jobs.

The Difference in Packages

Studies reveal that different companies have different paying packages for graphic designers. The payoff usually differs due to the lack of experience as well. A fresher will surely be not paid as is an experienced graphic designer who is well versed in his work. So these differences help you out to determine your career, and you can apprehend the possible occurrences you might face.

The same is the case with freelance graphic designers, but here a significant variable is seen in the project to project as well. The pay rates get up and down with every changing project. The amount also depends on time consumption as a freelancer who works 50 hours a week can earn a handsome amount as compared to the freelancer who works 10 hours a week.

Some Additional Factors

  • Freelance work includes some additional factors that can affect your earned amount. One of them is your expenses. If you are working as a freelance graphic designer, you might have some costs of electricity, internet, and electric tools, which can directly affect your earning. You have to look after and safeguard your extravagancies if you want to ensure your handsome earning.
  • The stage of your skillset is another fact which can affect your earning. The more technical you get in your work, the handsomely you will be paid. The average income could be extended to $97,000 if you are a specialized UI/UX designer. The software and technology are getting advanced day by day, and the only way to keep pace with these circumstances is to upgrade your skills according to the demand of time.
  • The experience could be the most significant factor that can hurdle your graphic designer career if you are an early startup. Freelancers with extended portfolio and rich experience are always favorite to clients. Usually, the big-budgeted projects are preferred to award to the designers who have vast and long term experience and whose skills are most technical and up to date.
  • Creativity is another remarkable fact which helps in winning highly paid projects in freelance marketplaces. The more creative you are in your approach, the more real it will be your designs, and that’s everything a client hopes to see in graphic design.

Some Important Graphic Design Skills and their Scope

The employers seek different skills from time to time, and a close study of this preference scope could be of great help for the starting graphic designer. A survey of the job postings on freelance platforms revealed that the employers were more interested in the skills relating:

  • Typesetting
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Social Media Templates
  • Website Templates and Designs
  • Art Direction Packaging
  • Marketing Flyers and cards
  • Project and Business Management

The graphic designers having expertise in these set of skills could be successful on all the freelance platforms. The dire need is to safeguard and upgrade your existing talents and to practice it sincerely.

The standard field of graphic design where you can seek specialization under graphic design is

  • Interface design
  • Web templates
  • Animation Graphics
  • Information architecture

Career Development Opportunities

The job or starting a career as a freelancer is an all-time changing and evolving procedure where you meet with multiple innovations and learning opportunities. The in house jobs ensure the training programs where the employers are responsible for holding and maintaining the training courses. But if you are working as a freelance graphic designer, you have to uphold and pay for the training programs.

The particular projects need specific skillsets, and the internees are granted with the opportunities to upgrade and mold their specifications as per plan. The client’s psychology and difference of interests boost up the skills and make them survive in this hard competition. Another way to enhance your skillset is to get the paid membership of graphic design communities where updated technologies and innovative tricks are rendered to the trainees to meet up their prerequisites before winning a particular project.

Experience Enhancement

Once you step in your career, no one can stop you from being a successful graphic designer. If you can do a healthy amount of projects in two to three years, you will be able to acquire the title of junior graphic Designer, which means you have enough experience to meet the requirements of any project.

Work hours

Graphic designers usually work full time to meet up their deadlines. The work time is approximately 35 to 40 hours per week. The working on the desktop is mostly of designing and modeling the designs in front of the computer to satisfyingly meet the deadlines of every project. Communication and time management is the key to success to every job, and graphic designing is not an exception.

Hence, knowing of your skill sets, interface with innovations within technological software, and grip and confidence of your expertise are the tools that safeguard your career as a graphic designer.

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