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Some people want to change their life all the time but others prefer traditional values and routine.

I believe that it’s very necessary for everyone to makes their life faster by adopting a modern lifestyle. It’s time for us to form some changes in our life to measure a far better life to become a healthier person.

  • The first thing we’d like to go in changing our diet. Whether we are an outsized person or a little one, everyone must eat right. It’s not about losing weight but eating the correct foods for our body.
  • Drinking plenty of water, eating vegetables and fruits and drinking green tea is one way to correct our diet.
  • You need to join some an exercise routine in your life. Even if you do anything but take a walk a day, everyone needs some exercise in their life.
  • You need to do a routine test to form sure their vital sign is correct and your cholesterol level is true.
  • Exercising, eating right, routine check-ups together with your doctor and dentist are several most belongings you can do to measure a healthy life. Once you live your life healthy, you’ll look and feel great.

lifestyle change is important for modern life

Change lifestyle is important for a healthy modern life, it regardless of age will have many health benefits, being proven that it reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, decreases the frequency of obesity and diabetes, the risk of malignancy, psychiatric disorders and mental dysfunction.

Drinking Green tea benefits in your modern lifestyle

In this modern world, nutritional habits influence the risk of developing a variety of diseases, so drinking green tea is an easy and cheap habit to maintain a healthy life.

It lowers the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular problems, obese and dental caries, etc.

Here’s a list of green tea’s amazing benefits that you may not have known.

  • Weight Loss. Take Green tea regularly increases metabolism. The polyphenol found in green tea works to strengthen levels of fat oxidation and therefore the rate at which your body turns food into calories.
  • Green tea intake helps regulate glucose levels slowing the rise of blood sugar after eating.
  • Heart Disease. Scientists think green tea works on the line of blood vessels, helping keep them stay relaxed and better ready to withstand changes in a vital sign. It may also protect against the founding of clots, which are the primary cause of heart attacks.
  • Oesophageal Cancer. Intake green tea decreases the danger of oesophageal cancer, but it’s also thought to kill cancer cells without damaging the healthy tissue around them.
  • Green tea consumption decreases cholesterol level in the blood.
  • Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. It is diseases that damaged our brain cell that green tea-sipping protected brain cells from dying and restored damaged brain cells.
  • Tooth Decay. chemical antioxidant “catechin” in green tea can destroy bacteria and viruses that cause oesophagus infections, cavity and other dental infection.
  • Blood Pressure. I think regular consumption of green tea reduces the risk of high blood pressure.
  • Amino acid indeed found in green tea leaves. It is this substance that provides a relaxing and anaesthetizing effect and is a great benefit to green tea taking
  • Anti-viral and Anti-bacterial. Green Tea catechins are strong antibacterial and antiviral agents which make them effective for treating flu and cancer diseases.
  • Green tea can actually also help reduce facial wrinkles, this is often doing for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities.
  • Green Tea Is a Natural Stimulant. Green tea is a natural source of caffeine, making it a great way to bonus yourself up when you’re feeling tired. Green tea has less caffeine than coffee, meaning that you can sip this drink throughout the afternoon without significantly.
  • Drinking Green Tea Keeps Your Mouth Healthy. Your mouth is upbringing milled for bacteria. Green tea act as an antibiotic and antifungal agent. In fact, growing evidence suggests that intake tea could protect against cavities and bad breath.
  • Intake Green Tea May Calm down Your Blood Sugar Levels. The flavonoids in green tea, including epigallocatechin gallate, are shown to decrease the liver’s glucose production. This means that your body regulates blood glucose more keeping your glucose levels within a healthy range.
  • The Fluoride in Green Tea Make Strong Your Teeth. Green tea contains fluoride, the mineral that’s added to the water system to support stronger dental health. Small increases in the amount of fluoride can prevent bacteria from attacking teeth.
  • Green Tea Keeps Bones Strong. Loss of bone strength is a major public health problem, particularly for postmenopausal women, who are at high risk for osteoporosis. The polyphenols in green tea may growth bone form, and defensive bone tissue from damage.
  • Green Tea Keeps You Looking Youthful. Beauty experts commonly use green tea products for his or her anti-inflammatory effects. For instance, a combined regimen of 10% green tea cream and green tea supplements improves the elasticity of the skin, which keeps your skin looking younger as you age.

Green Tea drinkers live longer According to Research

A book published in the peer-reviewed European Journal of Preventive Cardiology suggests

that person who intakes green tea three or more times a week may live longer and suffer a lower risk of heart disease than their non- green tea drinking corresponding person.

Research report of china in tea benefits 

China gives self-reported green tea drinking chines persons and observed the cardiovascular health of over 100,000 Chinese adults with no previous history of heart attack, stroke, or cancer.

Atherosclerotic cardiac disease caused by high cholesterol levels and it’s a sign of arteries harden.

Individuals who usually drank green tea in both investigations had found a 56% lower risk of fatal heart disease and stroke and a 29% [reduced risk of all-cause death per the report.

Green tea makes the heart so healthy according to New York Research

According to Dr Benjamin Hirsh, the director of preventive cardiology at North well health’s Sandra Atlas Bass heart hospital in Manhasset, New York.

Intake green tea approximately 25% lower rates of heart condition, stroke and death. However, no significant associations observed for tea.

This might merely flow from the number of individuals within the study consumption green tea. Only 8% of these surveyed primarily consumed green tea.

This study also raises the likelihood that the polyphenols in green tea might deactivate during the fermentation process which tea consumed with milk–possibly counteracting tea’s health benefits.

Green tea may help reduce your irritation and be a good part of a heart-healthy diet and a steady exercise routine.

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