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Virtually all of us, at some point in our lives, have set out goals to lose weight; the main workout motivation is health, aesthetics, medical prescription or whatever motives everyone may have.

The point is that many people propose to lose weight, but in practice, quite a few achieve it in an effective and lasting way overtime and this is due to a lack of workout motivation.

Many are the cases of people who do not endure more than two weeks, throw in the towel, get frustrated and enter a self-destructive stage of a bad relationship with themselves and with food.

Well, like almost everything in life, this is also a matter of attitude and how we deal with the problem.

We always need workout motivation tips or workout motivation quotes to increase the passion for weight loss. In this article, we will tell different keys to not loss workout motivation.

Keys to not Lose Workout Motivation to Lose Weight:

If you need to lose weight and do not know how to maintain the workout motivation, today we are going to present different fundamental keys that we must apply if our goal is to lose fat or we want to know, how to stay motivated to work out, so this process is effective and we are motivated all the way:

  1. Set Attainable Goals:

Do not look at the model bodies for workout motivation. Aiming to get the body of a certain model or actor/actress is a great mistake that many of us make and that makes us believe surrealistic expectations that lead only to failure and abandonment.

We must bear in mind that these types of people devote much of their time to cultivating their body and their image because they live on it; ordinary people have other more important obligations and surely much more satisfying than getting a body of 10.

Already not to mention that many of those bodies are retouched, either by Photoshop or by surgical operations. So setting ourselves such goals is rather a utopia rather than an attainable goal.

  1. For Your Health:

You must be clear that the priority objective is not to see you well (that also, we are not hypocrites) but we must keep in mind that physical exercise with workout motivation and keeping correct habits will make us live longer and better.

When laziness attacks you, think of yourself at 30 years of age. You want a person crushed by the passage of time, with painful joints and having to take pills for all ailments, or you want an energetic person, full of the vitality that can climb some stairs without fatigue.

Motivation, Discipline, and Habit

Starting motivated is key in any process we carry out in this life. It will make us spend more hours on that goal and make those hours quality. Slimming is no less; you must start with a lot of workout motivation.

Even so, as we have already mentioned, there will be days when you are lazy, those days you cannot leave to work because you will be asleep.

In those moments, when discipline has to come into play and get off the couch, even if you don’t feel like it and comply. Once you have passed this stage everything will be very easy. Like everything, genius is forged by repeating and repeating.

If you repeat and repeat, your own body will ask you to continue with that lifestyle, you will have reached the habit and your way of seeing the exercise and the correct diet will have drastically changed how it started.

Create a Community

We are many people in this world, so there will be many more people going through the same process as you. Sharing your progress, your experiences and workout motivation tips that other people tell you theirs through social networks will make your path much more bearable, you will see that you are not alone in the world and you will push each other to achieve your goal.

How to Build a Habit for Workout and not Lose Workout Motivation?

There is a wonderful phrase that illustrates this point:

Indeed, motivation is what will make you take off, but your habits are what will keep you constantly in your goals and in your path.

How do we achieve the transition from being motivated to make it a habit? It’s simple, you may need a couple of attempts to get it, but rest assured it will be worth it.

Practical Method:

  • Look at your current habits, write the activities and sort them according to their priority.
  • Now write the activities you want to become a habit on another list (exercise, study, include X food in the diet, stretching, walking, etc.) as long as you want.
  • There is a theory that suggests certain days for an activity to become a habit, but you will do something better, you will not measure it … because it will be permanent.
  • The technique is to go slowly but surely, that is, you will add the new activities one by one to your current habits, including a maximum of two. Since if the change is very drastic, it will be more uncomfortable and you will exhaust all your reserves of willpower in a short time and you will send everything overboard.
  • Including 1 to 2 new habits in your day-to-day life will allow you not to get out of your comfort zone too much.
  • The goal is to add new habits every time you have mastered the previous two. There is no measure of time since each one may take a different time to adapt to your routine. For example, you can get used to adding vegetables to your breakfast in a few days, but exercising in the morning can take weeks. Consider this, and build your plan intelligently.

This practical method is very simple and can help you, just as it has helped others to be consistent in your plan.

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