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Having motivational workers is essential for the proper functioning of the company. The work motivation helps all company employees offer great performance and work for the goals of the organization. For this, it is necessary to know how to motivate employees and to feel important figures within the company.

  1. Be an Example of Motivation

If we want to convey a motivational message, our actions should go in a line consistent with this message: we must convey our motivation. To do this, we have to try to make our workers perceive that we believe in what we do.

Showing security in strategic decision making will generate confidence in the rest of the team and be the first step towards achieving objectives.

  1. Know the Team

Motivation is a personal feeling of each individual, and as such, everyone will find it in different factors and aspects.

As managers, we will have to offer our workers these motivational elements and to do so; the first thing we must know each of the people we work with.

Only in this way we can offer each of these people a source of motivation that allows them to develop and give 100%. In this sense, communication is the key. It would be interesting to be able to exchange points of view with each of the employees from time to time, to share the personal aspirations of each one of them, as well as the expectations that the company has of each worker for the future.

  1. Adjust the Tasks to the Worker’s Profile

The work performed by an employee must be consistent with their knowledge, experience, and professional skills. If the worker develops tasks that are less than their abilities, they may feel undervalued. In the opposite case, a worker who performs his work in a position for which he is not trained will end up getting frustrated. Ideally, everyone should do what they are prepared for; otherwise, the de-motivation could appear.

  1. Count on Workers in Strategic Decision Making

We all feel valued when our opinion is taken into account, therefore, we must try to make the communication flow in the company by inviting employees to take an active part in strategic decision making. In addition to a source of well-being and motivation for workers, the contributions of the latter can be beneficial for the company.

  1. Define Personal and Common Goals

The alignment of the personal objectives of the workers in the same sense of the objectives of the company is a good source of motivation and also a direct benefit for the company in the form of greater productivity.

It is important to regularly pool these goals and look for ways in which personal goals can be integrated into the achievement of the company’s goals. Some measures can serve to incentivize workers and redirect their efforts towards the common goal: to offer economic benefits, days off, training programs run by the company, etc.

  1. Provide Positive Reinforcements

Positively reinforcing our employees does not imply any cost and helps to maintain high team morale and promote personal effort and self-improvement.

  1. Offer Flexibility

Flexible working conditions contribute to good motivation and increase productivity in the company. By properly knowing the needs of the people who work for us, we will be able to see what kind of labor flexibility measures can help them obtain greater comfort at work: flexibility of schedules, teleporting, reduction of working hours, etc.

  1. Ensure a Good Working Environment

A good work environment is essential to obtain the best results in the company in the long term. Therefore, as managers, we should ensure that a good working environment is always maintained.

Our obligation will be to resolve conflicts that may arise in the best possible way and quickly. We can also promote values such as cooperation, companionship and the feeling of unity in the company.

  1. Provide an Adequate work Environment

The workplace is one of the places where we spend the most hours throughout the day, and we all like to be in pleasant places, well acclimatized, with adequate lighting for the work that we must perform and, if possible, beautiful and well decorated.

Another measure that helps motivate our employees is to give them the right professional tools so that they can perform their duties correctly.

  1. Give Appropriate Importance to Salary

Although people are complex beings and money in itself is automatically a source of work motivation, it is no less true that a worker who feels underpaid can de-motivate more easily.

  1. Reward Excellence

Recognizes and rewards workers who present extraordinary performance, beyond some “economic bonus”, many employees will feel better with some public recognition.

  1. Celebrate Successes

The celebration does justice between the efforts made to achieve success, at least once a month, celebrate all the achievements of your employees so that they have more reasons to move forward, perhaps a “Success” board would be excellent.

Knowing and putting into practice these work motivation tips, we will be able to count on more efficient, committed and happy workers. Something that will serve to provide us with a good work environment and that will help the company meet its objectives more effectively and with these tips, your company will always grow fast.

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