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Self-confidence is one of the capacities that make us more human, it assures us that something or someone acts in a way that will not affect us negatively.
When someone betrays us, we feel that our world falls apart, that is, the entire mental structure that we had in mind as immutable, shows its fragility and shows us vulnerable and prone to mistrust.
But if we accept that everything is changing and that security is a mental construction to adapt day today, and therefore betrayal from this point of view cannot exist, we realize that confidence is something we have in us No need to create it artificially.

What is self-confidence?

Personal confidence is a self-construction, a judgment and as such, it depends on each one as we experience it. It is not something we can touch, but it depends on personal interpretations. Self-confidence allows or prevents each one from carrying out actions, enables us or disables us to maintain good links.
To move to the next professional level, certain conditions, conversations, opportunities, organization policies, and appropriate contexts will be necessary. There will be things that are beyond your control, on which you are not able to act. But what is up to you is to be able to see your ability, to know that this next step is possible and that you deserve it

The Benefits of Increasing Self-confidence

What is the use of having confidence in you? to overcome obstacles, to take risks, to find a positive attitude, to be able to ask and offer, to have visibility and to manage the leadership of your professional growth. Undoubtedly, the biggest benefit is that self-confidence is an engine of achievement.
Besides, self-confidence brings us a series of benefits at the psychological level

  • Serenity:

When we accept that everything is changing and we adjust to this vital rhythm, we are entering the rhythm of the universe and therefore on the path “that is to be.” Now when we accept everything then we don’t show any worry about not attained the unreachable.
Confidence gives us peace of mind, serenity, and space of loving tranquility.

  • Energy:

When we trust someone or something, we are recharging our energy reserve so that we can focus on it and invest in it what we are targeting. Relying gives us the motivation to continue to achieve our goals.
Through confidence, we are living our vital sense.

  • Trust:

When we trust other people, we are showing a great capacity for self-confidence. It is necessary to trust something or someone; we must first do it with ourselves.
Without self-confidence, there is no trust possible.

  • Delivery to others:

Self-confidence makes us behave without fear and therefore act naturally and positively outward. What we do is that our sense of dedication to others is developed and after all, we act in a more open and supportive way.
To trust is to give ourselves to others as we are.

  • Leadership:

Confidence is one of the basic characteristics of good leadership. When we give work to our subordinates or colleagues and put all our confidence in their abilities, we are showing a high capacity for leadership.
Acting in this way we should serve as an example and inspiration to others, which means that other people also want to behave similarly and trust extends

  • Love:

The moments, in which we are confident, we are showing all our love towards those people or situations to which we are giving our trust. As we have said before, we are giving ourselves and therefore loving. Love means trust and the same as trust means love. Although they look like two different elements, deep down we talk about the same concept. It is not uncommon to say that one of the basic pillars of a good relationship is trust. Without her, love in the couple is nothing.

  • Overcoming:

It goes hand in hand with resilience and is the best way to improve and learn from each of the mistakes and setbacks that we can encounter throughout our lives. Confidence generates improvement and vice versa, so having it as an aptitude is crucial for any entrepreneur.

  • Decisions:

Self-confidence is crucial to make decisions and these are mandatory in life since based on it the destiny of our companies will have one outcome or another.

  • Tenacity:

Not giving up, having self-determination is the basis for a company to succeed. Do not confuse stubbornness with tenacity, the first does not teach and the second is quite the opposite, learn from everything that is lived.

10 Suggestions to Increase your Self-confidence:

1.Take care of words: Loyalty your speech. Pay attention to your words so that, what you say fits what you do and what you do fits what you say.
2. Be a constant learner: Set yourself learning goals in all domains that you can expand those domains whenever you can.
3. Fulfill promises: Divide each big goal into small goals, thus adding confidence in each step. If for some reason you cannot keep any promise, always look for how to repair the fault.
4. Stay present: Stay present at all times, giving your best. If it is not your best moment use any of the other attributes.
5. Celebrate: Celebrate every time you discover that you accomplished something for the first time.
6. Anticipate: Anticipate each situation as much as possible to ensure you have everything you need.
7. Keep the purpose: Always keep your purpose in mind to ensure persistence in the face of an obstacle.
8. Balance: Do not forget that the balance is composing the 4 sub judgments. Depending on the occasion you will find different combinations.
9. Remember: Search your memory for similar situations in other contexts to use these resources and learning in the present.
10. Build: Building trust is handmade and is different every time. But it is you who are authorized. And that never changes. Self-confidence needs your approval.

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