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The natural beauty needs to be looked after well to sustain its charm. We are here again to give you some easy tips to look stunning every day. No matter you a working beauty or house held attraction, the freshness of looks and gorgeousness of face is a necessity for everyone nowadays. You have got up your face as a representation of your personality, and if kept well, you can rock the world with it. So, be with us till the end to get some fantastic tricks that may help you in one way or the other.

1 Moisturize Well

The face is the most sensitive part of the body, and makeup items suck the hydration of the face. The best way to start with is to moisturize your skin well. This will give and fresh and lively look to your complexion, making it glow. The market is replete with standard moisturizers, and each is beats on its own. Be careful in choosing a moisturizer and select one in keeping with your skin tone as oily, dry, or healthy skin. Moisturizing is the best primer you can apply to your skin before any other makeup item.

2-Conceal Dark Circles

The second step will be hiding your eye circles with a concealer. Try a creamy formula that matches your skin tone to conceal and even your dark circles.

In some cases, the circles are lighter from your skin tone as in tanning, if you were wearing sunglasses, the areas under your eyes would be brighter than your face tone. In this case, try a darker concealer, and if circles are more mysterious, opt a standard creamy concealer that is lighter from the dark areas. Apply the concealer well with the brush to get fine lines under eyes and tone it with your face to make your make up flawless. Consider of absorbing the concealer well in spite of rubbing it against the face.

3-Tone the foundation

The most critical step of the makeup is to make your skin flawless. Suppose you have got remarkable eye makeup with perfect lip color, but your skin is rough and patchy. What will happen? You will surely ruin your look. The fundamental thing to avoid such a condition is to make your skin toned and flawless.

To get perfect and even tone, try a foundation stick. The foundation stick gets absorbed in the skin quickly and gives a smooth look. Choose a standard foundation stick that matches your skin well and draw lines considering your foundation stick as a marker. Draw thick lines down the cheekbones, the sides of your nose, and above brows. Blend this foundation with your finger to get an even look. The heat of your hands will help in melting and mixing of the foundation well. Want a natural look? Draw lines with a foundation two times darker than you used first, right on the parts where you drew first. Both will mix uprightly and give you a flawlessly, even skin tone.

4-Hide Face marks

Finding some facial marks still popping on the skin? Hide it with prime concealer as done for dark circles. Spread the concealer with a sponge and make sure to cover the blemish from all sides to vanish it accurately. If the mark is red or black, tone it with skin color and, once finished, end with powder to avid the dewy look as shine or shimmer on the blemish will highlight it from its actual size. Once set up, you need not touch it for several hours.

5-Highlight the Cheeks

Are you habitual of using a check color using brush and powder? Let it be gone. Our experts and fashion divas are using the liquid creamy cheek colors to give it a natural and inside look. Try it, and you will fall in love with these creamy shades. Apply the tint on your cheek apples and blend it inside with your fingers. If you are a color shy, try it in layers to give an excellent look that will be shimmery and natural.

6-Apply Shimmery Eye Base

Starting from the lash lines to the brows, give an even layer of shimmery eye foundation to make your eyes flawless. Shimmer would hide the excess hair of eyebrows if you got short of the time to tweeze. Apply this color to the inner of the eye circles as well. Choose a lighter shade for fair complexion and a dull one for medium to dark complexions.

7-Highlight Eye Pop

Use golden or bronze shades to pop your eyes. Use a flat eye brush; this will give you a more professional finish. Start from the creases and apply bronze shade to provide a depth to your eyes. Cover the eye line with a flash brush and then smudge it to the eyelid with your fingers to get an even look. Blend the colors well to avoid the scrappy looks and be conscious of highlighting the pop up of the eye.

8-Highlight the Definitions

The next step is to give your eyes a glamorous look. Rim the upper lash line with a brown pencil liner and smudge it well across the eye line. To provide a broader look to your eyes, use an eyelash curler, and then apply a coat of mascara on your upper and lower eyelashes to elevate its abundance and length.

9-Give a touch to you Brows

Your brows can change the whole look of your face. Use a disposable mascara brush to fill the gaps and set the brow hairs. If done precisely, your brows will enhance all your looks.

10-Give a favorite shade to lips

Try your favorite shade to your lips to finish up with your makeup. To soothe the chappy lips, rub them with a damp cloth and then follow with a lip balm. Let it set in the skin and massage with a tissue if you feel a sleek look. Later try a shade you love to get an excellent look. Draw lines on the lip rims and fill up inside with a lip brush. And here you are with an outstanding makeup look.

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