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Graphic design has got pivotal importance in modern business techniques and branding. No matter you are perusing for good lead or are an early start-up with an innovative plan, all could be ruined if you are unable to choose the right thing for you. Graphic design is the tool through which designers try to entrap as much public attention as they can by using interactive visual illustrations. In this article, we will discuss the most prevalent and common styles of typography, which have enchanted the attention of many beholders and how we can be a success by using these fonts in Graphic Design.

Typography is the practice of arranging texts innovatively and appealingly to grab the attention of the audience. The designers usually manipulate documents by using different interfaces, lining schemes, and contrastive color wheels. The adjustment and placing of letters with the right positioning is the only aim designers try to pursue while making their art solely innovative.
With time, the designing Typography has evolved into simultaneous artistic out ways that distinct each style from the other and make the artwork more adorable. Whether it is the title page or menu bar, the web pages are always categorized with the utilization of font types, making it an integral part of the digital world.

Typeface and Professionalism

Being a Graphic expert or business executive, all you are expected to manifest is the sense of professionalism revealed through your work. These professional vibes can give fruits to your efforts. The professionalism and expertise of your work are well expressed in the font styles and typeface you chose for the landing and introduction of your web pages.
It is possible as well to trickle with your creativity while in being the professional zone. There a lot of font styles practiced nowadays, which are very good looking with an innovative combination. Although the difference is just of font style, yet it is the creative mind and expertise of the designers, which make it an art piece.

Sans Serif Font

One of the most prevalent font styles, which seems to be a little straight forward and appealing is Neue Haas Grotesk. The form is embarked on its striking and straightforward stylization. If you are looking for something new and exciting, try Sans Serif Font, which makes the webpages quite simple and good looking. The usual large and designed fonts make the webpages quite crowded, which isn’t a good practice.
If you are in search of a unique and self-imposing style, go for this, and you will surely appreciate it.


The favorite mid-senior professionals who have a broad and deep endorsing sense of the human psyche, Helvetica, stands as a pronounced typography style. The compelling and straightforward interface of the style makes it an entrancement for the beholders. With a tight spacing between characters, this font style gets on the top list, although some of them argue for its word and line spacing. I must say that the prerequisites of each project vary from client to client, yet the Helvetica style with its close characters seems to be an impressive style making your text a little highlighted for the targeted leads.


The most professional font with a variety of styles and impressions is Garamond style, which offers you a range of choices. The professionals and designers seem to be tended to all styles of Garamond font except Adobe Garamond. The educational forums and websites usually prefer this font style for its subtle outer face, making it one of the best font styles of Graphic Designing.


The manipulative and assertive typeface of the Trajan is a high plus point of the font, and that’s why opted by several design houses. Most likely, the production houses utilize this font style for the promotion and branding of their products and telefilms. Having a rhetoric touch with society and ethics, most of the professionals recommend and employ this font style for their projects.


The best choice when you want to adjust a lot in a little space, Futura is the champion of placement. The logo designing, business cards, brochures, or modern typefaces all are done through Futura font that settles the installation of the text spacing very well. Its Geometric foundation places the text in geometry style, making it squares, triangles, and circles. This type of formation males designed to work more appealing and stressful.

Bickham Script Pro

Specially designed for professionals, Bickham Scrip Pro was intended to create the formal typefaces. The entirely drawn attractive texts by this font style are the perfect manifestation of creativity.


The exceptional combinations of thick and slim strokes with the perfect contrast of Badoni font cater to the needs of many of the designers. The font is renowned for its adorable typeface, and simple text patterns make it a success for designing logos and other printable brochures. The fashion houses are also indebted to this font style for its randomly drawn impressions.


Famous for its recognition and readability, Frutiger is a renowned font version designed by a designer Frutiger who belonged to Switzerland. This particular font style has a wide range of styles and impressions, which bestows you with a vast array of choices, and it all comes under the great facility of adaptability, thus making this font style as the best Humanist font.


Created in search of professionalism, Gotham is a font which is master in shapes. Gotham is a bold font used with contrastive large and short alphabets, which makes the text somewhat innovative and appealing.


Caslon font comes in variable version, used within multiple typefaces solely concerned to design a creative and functional looking text. The printed book and those online designed through this font style family have put it under red spark.


The ancient, classic, and adjustable Rockwell style is famous in logo designers who tend to adjust more astronomical texts in little places. The geometric shapes and distinct patterns of the Rockwell are worth praising.
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