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“In all aspects of our lives, balance is key. Doing one thing too much can cause upset as the old saying goes, everything in moderation is the secret!” ~Catherine

There isn’t anyone set rule for a healthy lifestyle, but it comprises different little txhings which lead to a balanced life. This balance needs resilience and commitment to keep moving. It’s really easy and alluring to eat unhealthy and junk food. Similarly, it is difficult to adopt a healthy life and eat healthy food. In general, we are overwhelmed by procrastination and complacent behaviour that we make excuses for shunning the healthy routine.

1- Why so sweet and salty ?

Some people simply couldn’t resist sugar in their lives, they crave it and their meal is incomplete without a sweet ending. Similarly, some people are obsessed with sprinkling a little salt on every food, particularly in Pakistan it’s kind of a norm in every household. The high intake of both sugar and salt can lead to multiple issues; i.e. high blood pressure, obesity, cardiovascular diseases etc.

There are few ways to avoid sweetish-saltish obsession:

  1. Shop carefully, watch out products’ ingredients with sodium and sugar. Go for less quantity of sugar and salt.
  2. In cooking, go for sugar and salt alternatives. Use alternative spices and flavours instead of salt. While in replacement of sugar use jaggery, brown sugar, fruit juices or pulp.
  3. Be careful of adding salt before tasting food or sprinkling it in a large amount.

2- Go Nuts

Although nuts are high in fats, you can’t deny their health and nutritious value. Our body is incapable of absorbing 10-15% of calories in nuts, which resultantly increases metabolism.

Various researches have narrated that nuts help in controlling weight, diabetes and fight against heart diseases.

3- Plenty of Fluids 

Drinking plenty of water is the easiest healthy habit. On average, an adult body requires 1.5 litres of water a day. Many organic fluids to an extent can also fulfil this need; fruits nectar, juices, tea, milk, and other drinks. But undoubtedly, water is the best resource. Studies have also supported that drinking 2 cups of water half an hour before the meal, helps in losing weight.

4- Eat more fruits and vegetables

To get more vitamins, fibres and minerals, fruits and vegetables are the essential resources. At least, 5 servings of fruits and vegetables should be taken in a day. You can chart your meal plan by taking some fruit juice in the morning, then have any fruit like apple, banana or watermelon as a snack and similarly eating vegetables with every meal.

5- No to junk

Junk food is an addiction, and every addiction has some bad consequences. More than just addiction, they have adverse effects on your health as well. The processed junk food not only slows down metabolism, which causes obesity, but they also lead to other health issues; cardiac, gastric issues along with diabetes, high cholesterol etc.

The current generation’s favourite hobby is to go for junk food in the pastime. Any friend or family gathering seems incomplete without eating junk. So, it’s really hard to stay away from these attractions. But, if you are resolute to live and eat healthily, you will make ways to avoid this convenience food. Also, you should have cheat days, when you allow yourself to have junk food. Once every fortnight or twice in a month, such cheating is tolerable.

6- Control your Meal Portion

Eating without self-control is one of the bad eating habits. It’s really a very bad decision to go on a crash diet. It does more bad for your health than any good. Particularly, skipping breakfast is equal to committing a sin, as continuous skipping of breakfast leads to eating disorders. So it is really important to have little but more frequent meals during the day. You can go for healthy snacks between meals, like yoghurt, dry fruits and vegetables. This would help you to avoid uncontrolled hunger.

Our stomach can process or digest a handful of food at one time. So eating less or more leads to gut issues.

If you take care of the portion size of food, it would help you to eat a variety of food at different times.

7- Curb the carbs

All carbs are not healthy for your body, there are some who can affect your health. The highly processed carbs lose their nutritious value and fibres. These are foods like pasta, bread, ice cream etc. Therefore, the excessive intake of such food would be unhealthy for the body. The best way out is to limit the portion of such food. In this way, you would be getting the taste without putting your health at stake.

8- Move your body

You should do some moves, regardless of your age and weight. Physical activity is good for your health and fitness. The little moving and exercise help in burning the extra calories, it is effective for the heart and cardiovascular system, it regulates heart rate, it improves flexibility and strength. 1 and half hour moderate activity in the whole week is good for your health.

9- No drinks or drugs

Drinking and doing drugs are really ill addictions. They can do serious damage to your health. Before diet or exercise, you should try to get rid of these unhealthy habits. Excessive drinking leads to the gradual decline of many vital organs of our body. Likewise, addiction to drugs is even more hazardous than drinking. It could lead to serious consequences which may prove fatal.

For a healthy body and mind, it is essential to stay away from these lethal obsessions.

10- Start … slowly and steadily

These tips would be looking too much to you, to begin with, but it really isn’t. You should just give it a shot. You should begin it from somewhere and then slowly and steadily you will get there. These small steps would gradually improve your overall health and well-being.

Healthy living is not an extraordinary challenge but it is the way of your life. If you really care about yourself, you would motivate yourself every day to get better. Health is the real blessing if we realize.

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