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Physical wellness or happiness is very complex and relative terms that each person can interpret in a completely different way.
However, although emotional wellness and physical wellness can be achieved through numerous routines, habits or practices, and although each person has their specific tastes and needs, there are several necessary habits, in a biological sense, to maintain health and energy.
And there are too many benefits of physical wellness. In this article, we will tell you 5 essential steps to start the path of physical and emotional wellness. These 5 habits are very important to achieve health, vitality, well-being, and joy.


A healthy diet goes far beyond aesthetic considerations, whether such a thing makes us fat or slim us. This point of view is quite superficial, considering the enormous importance of nutrition in all aspects of our lives.
Many times, we don’t realize that the food we eat is responsible for keeping us alive. That beyond our ideas or prejudices, nutrients are nothing but biochemistry within the body. And to stay alive, strong and happy, our body requires essential care concerning food.
Our advice is that you inform yourself, that you learn everything you can about nutrition since although it may not seem like it, the foods that you put in your mouth are responsible for numerous disorders that you would never relate to food, such as your emotional state, your stress Or your unhappiness.


To maintain the emotional wellness and physical wellness you have to pay attention to this section because in this society of aesthetic tyranny there is usually a lot of confusion about what it means to exercise to maintain health and social wellness.

  • Putting the heart to a thousand per hour in the gym to lose weight, is not maintaining health.
  • Punishing me with spinning hours and taking my body to the limit is not maintaining health.
  • Swelling my muscles and making them big without any foundation, is not maintaining physical health.
  • Listening to thunderous music that excites my neurons while I sweat like a chicken in the oven is not maintaining health.
  • And doing any type of exercise that contracts me, stresses me, swells me, makes me more rigid, obsesses me, makes me falter, puts on my red face like a tomato, injures me or weakens me, is not maintaining health.

Walking outdoors, doing yoga exercises, swimming in the sea, dancing or hiking in the mountains are physical wellness activities to keep the body in shape.


For the physical wellness strengths, rest is much more important than you think. While you sleep at night, your body performs countless processes in a constant effort to maintain your health and vitality.
Sleeping deeply, without stress, with warm emotions and enough hours is one of the most necessary habits that exist, not only to keep the immune system in top form, but also for emotional and intellectual health.

Toxic-free life

You don’t get an idea of how much the toxic elements that surround us everywhere interfere with our well-being, health, and happiness.
To achieve physical wellness and healthy life integrally, it is necessary not only to review the toxic customs but also all the toxic elements that surround us. What areas could you check to permanently eliminate the toxins from your life?

  • Toxic in food.
  • Toxic in hygiene and cosmetic products.
  • Toxic in household cleaning products.
  • Toxic in furniture and building elements. Avoid the pathologies produced by sick buildings.
  • Yes, it may seem to you that it is impossible to get rid of all these industrial ingredients that are highly harmful to health, but it isn’t.

There are healthy alternatives, so to be able to live a clean, healthy and healthy life it is necessary to inform, commit and change some things.


Yes, it may sound cheesy, but ultimately it is love in its many versions that gives meaning to our life.
The funny thing is that although surely all people agree on this thought, we forget it too often, almost always putting completely inconsequential issues before what makes sense.
We waste our time, our energies, our talent and our resources in activities and experiences that do nothing but weaken us, that take us away from love rather than approaching it.
When I realize that I am investing too much time or effort in an unpleasant or stressful job, in people who weaken me, in activities that do not interest me, in inconsequential conversations, in news that depresses me, in books that bore me, in Foods that poison me, I try to remember that:

With whom I want to spend most of my time is with those people who make me feel loving, alive, funny, cheerful, fun, intelligent, affectionate, beautiful and capable.

  • I want to dedicate myself to a job that materializes my full potential, with which I enjoy, that poses a challenge that makes me a better person.
  • There may be reincarnation, but there may also not be and that, therefore, the only life I have is this, the one I live now, the one I let run.
  • The present escapes quickly, like water in the hands.
  • The little loving gestures I have with anyone, any day, make me incredibly happy.
  • It is stupidity to waste time pretending to change things that are not in my hands to change.Seeking physical wellness and happiness is a right and an obligation, to achieve this; you just have to pay a little attention to the activities, habits, and practices that we carry out every day automatically. Make them aware and change what is necessary to change.

Life has given us a sophisticated body with which we move, and a wonderful mind capable of achieving incredible things, and a beautiful heart that allows us to live the most beautiful experience that exists: love. Value them as a unique gift! Find people who share this perspective and forges new relationships !

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