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We discover nothing new if we tell you the psychological benefits of physical activity in the human body. Numerous scientific and psychological studies demonstrate the importance of sport to achieve a healthy mind.

The physical benefits of exercise are generally known, but perhaps there are some that you have missed or did not know that exercising would get them.

We are sure that after reading the benefits of physical fitness and activities in this article you will have much clearer that the sport will not only serve you to be fit but will also be a way to free your mind from toxic thoughts.

The 10 benefits of physical activity:

From the origin of the human being until today there have been immune changes in the way of life and lifestyles. Various factors have emerged that affect our health and have a direct impact on our lives.

Thus, the lifestyle and habits we have may not be appropriate for our evolutionary development.

Our body is not made to live like this and this is reflected in the problems of a sedentary lifestyle, alcohol, obesity, work stress and many other conditions that are harmful to health.

The psychological benefits of physical activity on health are numerous and many studies support them.

However, in this article, we wanted to show you the importance of physical fitness and best known benefits of fitness to give you enough reasons to start practicing sports today.

Doing sports generates endorphins:

The practice of sport favors the release of endorphins.

These endorphins are known as the hormones of happiness since their segregation gives a feeling of happiness and euphoria.

After the practice of sport, these endorphins are released giving the feeling of joy that in many cases they even relieve symptoms of depression.

These endorphins are the cause of it being said that the sport engages. The feeling of happiness after a good training session can be addictive even.

The sport reduces the feeling of stress:

In the physical benefits of exercise, sport causes the person to focus on physical activity and disconnect from the stress at work that many jobs produce.

As if this were not enough, physical exercise increases the segregation of nor epinephrine that helps improve the brain’s response to stress.

The sport, on the one hand, makes us focus on the motor action itself and is a good de-stressing since it helps us to focus on the task we are doing, that is, on the sport.

Sport increases self-esteem in the person:

When performing physical exercise, the human body will end up improving, bringing with it an improvement in self-esteem since the image of yourself improves due to the progress that occurs in your body as a result of sports.

Improving one’s perception thanks to sports practice will also increase the desire to see ourselves better and take care of ourselves, which will further increase self-esteem.

Increase your social circles:

Many physical activities promote the increase of personal relationships since many sports are practiced in groups or with the accompaniment or help of others.

This can cause sports to increase your number of social relationships and even break that comfort zone that was doing so badly for you.

Sport can be a perfect way to meet people who enrich us and help us in our personal development. Therefore, we recommend joining collective classes to meet new people, which will always enrich us.

Anxiety relief:

It is included in the mental benefits of exercise. During physical exercise (and also after doing it) neurotransmitters are released that help relieve the effects that anxiety produces on the human body.

For this reason, it has always been said that sport is especially important for those who suffer from constant stress. Therefore, if you suffer stress at work it will be important to practice sports activities constantly.

Reduces the risk of degenerative diseases:

Diseases such as Alzheimer’s are unfortunately the order of the day and are increasingly common.

For this reason, physical exercise helps to release a series of chemicals in the brain that not only prevent the degeneration of hippocampus neurons but also help reduce the ravages of degenerative mental illness. It is well known benefit of physical activity to health.

Improves memory:

Regular physical activity will increase the production of hippocampus cells that are responsible for memory and learning.

Therefore, if you regularly exercise your memory and your ability to learn will improve.

Increased brain capacity:

Performing any type of physical activity produces in the brain an increase in the generation of neurons and connections between them through neurogenesis.

Therefore, with physical fitness exercise, your brain will also gainmental benefits of exercise, shape and increase your learning ability.

You will improve your productivity:

Numerous studies have proven that the practice of physical exercise regularly makes us more productive, improves our productivity and health related physical fitness since it makes us more active.

Help control addictions:

The brain releases dopamine in response to a pleasant stimulus such as sex, drugs or food. Unfortunately, the feeling of dopamine causes people to become addicted to that feeling.

With sport, a chemical substance is released to dopamine that reduces the need for that sensation which will be beneficial in processes such as the fight against drugs.

Do I have to do a lot of sport or physical exercise to get all these psychological benefits?

It is recommended to exercise for a minimum of 20-30 minutes, at least 6 to 7 times per week to obtain greater benefits of fitness. This activity does not have to be intense, and you can combine aerobic and anaerobic, resistance, strength, etc.

It is advisable to perform moderate physical activity. To enjoy all the benefits we have seen before, just have regular physical activity and rest when the body asks you to.


As you have seen throughout the article, sport is not only beneficial to achieve thebenefits of physical fitness; it will also help you to improve and focus your mind and make it more effective and clear.

Besides, playing sports will not only improve your perception of yourself and your self-esteem. Also, thanks to sport you will be able to be more productive in your work, improve your social relationships and feel better about yourself.

You no longer have excuses for not going out to play sports!

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